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  • popo

    hi! I’m popo i’m from Philippines, your song Here In My Heart with Scorpions is very very nice!

  • Joel

    Hi Lyn, what a fine powerful vocals. Your duet with Klaus in Here In My Heart is my favorite duet of all time. More power to you!

  • Soares Eric

    Hi, i´m from Brasil. Your performed in all musics specially with Scorpions, is so strong. You are so beautifull, lovely,your vocals were excellent, but i cant to praise you so much, because i’m married, But my wife is not here, so, will you marry me :)
    Because of you, i’m learn Germany, and i’ll see you in your country, because you’ll not come up in my country .
    ” if the mountain will not go to Muhammad, Muhammad goes up the mountain ”

  • soidemer

    Hi Lyn…. The song “here in my heart” was given to me by the love of my life… The song was heartfelt and your vocals were excellent. Klaus really got a great hit in this song…. You are beautiful and you’re a great artist. Carry on and,make more music!

  • sandy

    hi Lyn,I like your video with the scorpion: here in my heart. you sing gorgeously…

  • Lai

    Great photos, Lyn. I’m such a great fan of you since I saw your video singing with Klaus Meine of the Scorpion. My God, you have such a great voice!

    Fan from Philippines
    - Lai

  • Alex de Guzman

    Hi Lyn,
    You were great in singing Here in my Heart with Klaus Meine. The first time I saw the Video, I’m already hooked. Nice voice and nice blending with Klaus’.

    By the way, you looked great and very sexy in that number! =)

    Alex de Guzman from Philippines

  • Pedro Machado

    Hey Lyn! i just saw the video ” Here In My Heart” of Scorpions.. i loved your voice.. match so well with Klaus’s voice. and he’s really lucky to able to sing so close to you haha ;)

    hugs from Portugal

    • Lyn

      Hi Pedro! Thank you so much for your kind words! Very sweet of you. I’m really glad you like “Here In My Heart.” I had a wonderful time recording and performing with Klaus and the Scorpions. Wonderful group of guys. I’ll be sure to tell Klaus that you think he was the lucky one! Ha ha ha! All the best from New York, Lyn

  • RUDY


  • Niklas

    Hi Lyn,
    I saw you in Bremen on stage in 1999 and now I’m studying theatre science. I’m still hearing the record of this production. I was great, and will always be.
    Are you coming to germany again the next time?

    • Lyn

      Hello Niklas! I’m so glad you enjoyed the production in Bremen. Performing Lucy in Jekyll & Hyde was one of my favorite roles to do. It would be great to perform again someday in Bremen, wonderful city! I hope you will enjoy my Christmas CD single and my upcoming album (early next year). All the best to you from New York! Lyn

  • christophe

    Your voice is fantastic!!!……………in the moment i listen “HERE IN MY HEART” with SCORPIONS and BERLINER PHILHARMONIKER…….it’s FABULOUS.
    My name is christophe, i m french and i live in east of europe for my businesses. Have you an succes in France?
    Ill buy your records with itunes!!
    Thanks for all happinesses

    • Lyn

      Hello Christophe! What a sweet comment, thank you! Klaus and I had a lot of fun performing that song together! I was just in Paris two weeks ago. Had a wonderful lunch on top of the Eiffel Tower. Beautiful city! I’m very glad you will be buying my upcoming cd’s on ITunes, I hope you enjoy them. You can also buy the actual CD’s from my website soon as well. Thank you for your support! My best to you from New York! Lyn

  • Yulia

    Dear Lyn,

    During my teenage time I was crazy about Scorpions, later on we had our own band and Here in my Heart was on of the first songs we were playing, and I had to take an extra class to learn how to sing it. Well, of course it was not as nice as yours, but we did our very best :)
    Wish you good luck in your career and hope that one day we will see you in UAE :) )))))

    • Lyn

      Hi Yulia (beautiful name by the way.) how funny that Here In My Heart was one of the first songs you did with your band! It is a tough one to sing, but such a nice song. Awesome that you performed it! All the best from New York!

  • Fabricio Rock

    It’s really you (Lyn Liechty) that responds in the comments here?

    • Lyn

      Yes Fabricio, it is really me, Lyn Liechty, that responds to the comments here. I don’t always have a lot of time, but I try to respond as much as I can. Your name is awesome by the way!

  • Gilberto

    her face is just perfect!

    thanks from brasil!

  • Fabricio Rock

    Lyn Hi, my name is Fabricio, I’m from Brazil and I admire you greatly, you are very beautiful, I love you, a lovely girl, a beautiful voice, keep it up!

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  • PedroDias

    I loved your performance with SCORPIONS and The Berlinner Philarmonica.Thanks for being you!
    Enjoy your life!
    You are very biutiful!!!
    Thanks from Portugal

  • Nick

    Beautiful girl,especially in moment of glory :) :)

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